Newly updated for 2021, our ebook Facility Security Clearances: The Complete Guide To Getting One covers the basics and more.

Don’t need our consulting and don’t want the expense of it but do desire an overview of the key concepts, steps, and actions involved in getting a facility security clearance? Then our ebook may be just the thing for you.

Our ebook’s topics include:

  • What a facility security clearance is and is not
  • Levels and types of facility security clearances
  • Where you may and may not locate a facility security clearance
  • Eligibility requirements for a facility security clearance
  • Specialized company officials you must appoint
  • Assessing your chances of qualifying
  • Timeframe for issuance of the clearance and factors involved
  • Information and documents to gather for the process
  • Actions you can take proactively and preemptively
  • Numerous links to key resources
  • And much more…