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Requirements for a Facility Clearance (FCL)

The main requirements for a company to get a Confidential, Secret, or Top Secret facility

clearance (a.k.a. facility security clearance) issued by the federal government are that:

• The company is required to be physically located in the U.S.A. or its territories. (absolute requirement)

• The company be organized under the laws of any of the fifty United States or one of its territories.

(absolute requirement)

• A federal government agency or a company already possessing a facility clearance sponsor the

uncleared company for the facility clearance. (absolute requirement)

• The company not be owned, controlled, or influenced by a foreign person or interest. (negotiable)

• Certain employees of the company (who must be U.S. citizens) obtain their own personnel security

clearances as part of the facility security clearance process. (negotiable)


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