We offer Facility Security Officer consulting services tailored to your organization’s needs and preferences. Some tasks Facility Security Officers commonly need a consultant’s help with are creating security briefings and other documents; insider threat program management; and requesting and maintaining personnel security clearances. But we offer a far broader range of Facility Security Officer consulting services as well.

Since the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM) requires that the Facility Security Officer (FSO) be an employee, consultants and independent contractors may not serve as Facility Security Officers (FSO). This prohibition against consultants serving as Facility Security Officers is in section 117.7, sub-section (b)(2)(ii) of the NISPOM. To have a consultant or independent contractor serve as your Facility Security Officer (FSO) would likely result in your organization being penalized for that violation during a Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (formerly known as the Defense Security Service) inspection of your security program. Also beware of consultants offering to manage your employees’ security clearances in the DISS Web site. For them to perform that work remotely puts your organization at risk of violating the DCSA’s DISS Account Management policy.

Thus, the approach we use to support your security program is carefully tailored to meet both your needs and the government’s FSO and DISS requirements. To discuss your specific Facility Security Officer consulting needs and develop an arrangement that is both effective and appropriate, please contact us.