The steps and procedures for obtaining a Confidential, Secret, or Top Secret facility clearance issued by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) can be summarized as follows:

• The agency or company awarding the classified contract sponsors the contractor for a facility security clearance (FCL).

• The U.S. government requests information from the contractor, including the company’s form, executives, ownership, and operations.

• The contractor and the government designate specific company employees who must receive personnel security clearances (PCL) as part of the facility clearance (FCL) process.

• The designated employees must complete extensive questionnaires regarding their personal finances, work and education history, criminal record, personal relationships, and other matters via JPAS.

• The contractor completes certain federal forms and agreements for the facility clearance.

• The government considers the information regarding the company and specific employees and renders a decision to grant or deny the application for a facility security clearance.

• If the Department of Defense (DoD) decides not to grant the facility clearance due to specific issues, in certain instances the company can take action to resolve those issues.

• When and if the company is granted a facility clearance, it must familiarize itself with federal regulations for the protection of classified information, such as the NISPOM. It must institute a security program to comply with these extensive requirements. As a consultancy, Secure Defense Consulting® Inc. can work with you to develop a security program to meet the needs of your contract(s) and your facility.

If you have questions or would like consulting assistance with the facility clearance process or related issues, please contact us. The initial discussion is free of charge and can often clarify matters significantly.